For Business Owners


Financing Solutions for Business Owners


As an owner of a closely-held business, it is likely that you face one or more of the following challenges:


  • A disproportionate share of your net worth is tied up in your business.
  • You are not ready to retire, but want to improve your liquidity.
  • You want to retire and retain an equity position in the company, but lack a successor to run the business.
  • You want to grow the business, but don't want to risk additional capital.
  • You want to sell the company.


Caltius' Financing Solutions


Caltius Equity Partners, an employee-owned investment company, can help you achieve your goals by becoming your equity partner. Wherever you wish to be in the spectrum of on-going financial risk and involvement in your company, Caltius will work with you to structure a flexible solution. You can continue to run the business and benefit from its continued growth and success, simply sell the business and retire, or some level in between.



Facilitating Liquidity Events


The first step in our process is to listen in order to learn about your unique needs. We then respond with a solution customized to fit your situation.


Outright Sale:


  • Our equity replaces your equity, enabling you to diversify your net worth and retire in confidence that your company will continue to grow and prosper.
  • Our investment process is fair, fast and highly confidential.


Partial Sale:


  • Our equity replaces a portion of your equity, enabling you to diversify your net worth with the potential to benefit from future equity gains.
  • You can continue to run the business or pass the reins to a seasoned operating executive at the company or introduced by Caltius.
  • Our investment can be structured as a substantial minority or control position.


Growth Capital:


  • Our equity can fund strategic acquisitions and organic growth opportunities so you don't have to risk additional capital in the company.
  • We introduce sources of senior and subordinated debt and other key service providers to increase returns on equity for all of the company's shareholders.
  • We invite you to speak with the business owners with whom we have done business for their perspectives on Caltius' financing solutions.


"We are delighted to have Caltius as our partner for both financial and strategic reasons. Caltius has deep experience in our industry and their commitment of resources will allow us to execute on our growth objectives."

Chuck Turnbull, CEO