For Executives


Management's Financial Partner

At Caltius, we actively seek to partner with seasoned operating executives. Together, we can create a winning combination if you are facing any of the following situations:

  • You currently are running a business as an employee or principal and want to buy out existing shareholders.
  • You already have identified a company to acquire and operate but need a financial partner.
  • You actively are seeking companies to buy and operate.
  • You wish to contribute your industry expertise to small and mid-sized businesses as a director and/or consultant.

Investing in Your Vision

We value your deep understanding of industry drivers and trends and your track-record of running successful companies. Our team contributes knowledge of the financial markets, assistance with strategic planning and key relationships to grow profitable businesses.

Fair and Attentive Partner

We are committed, patient investors with the highest integrity. Our first step is to listen to your needs with respect to capital, resources and economics related to the transaction. We then structure a fair proposal, which may include equity options and other compensation for you.

Management Buyout:

  • Our equity is used to buy out all or some existing shareholders.
  • Our investment typically is structured as a control position.
  • You continue to build and grow the business as our operating partner with an equity interest in the company.

Industry-focused Acquisition Strategy:

  • Whether you have identified a company to acquire or are in the search process, we partner with you to identify and close acquisitions.
  • We utilize our strong network of referral sources to augment your search efforts.

Director / Consultant Position:

  • You have identified a prospective investment candidate for Caltius to acquire and are interested in assisting with the due diligence process, but do not want to run the day-to-day operations.
  • We partner with you so you can contribute your industry expertise to small and mid-sized businesses as a director and/or consultant.

We invite you to speak with the executives with whom we have done business for their perspectives on Caltius as management's financial partner.


"Among the financial partners we considered for our management buyout, Caltius Equity Partners demonstrated unmatched levels of interest, enthusiasm and energy to learn about our company and management's objectives. They have proven to be ideal partners and board members, perceptively challenging me to improve the business without micro-managing."

Larry Brodsky, President

Scientech, LLC